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Environmental Protection

Being able to fly with minimum noise and safely without disturbance to the ecosystem is a real advantage


The need of environment and wildlife protection because of fast land development all around the world calls for all aspects of biodiversity monitoring, biodiversity impact assessment, targeted species surveys, biodiversity planning advice and wildlife management studies.
Low operation costs, a safe non-intrusive and suitable solution.

Most UAVs currently in use in this application space do not have the endurance or adequate sensors to properly document complex biodiversity issues.
Use case - OFB
long endurance

Long Endurance

SolarXOne has exceptional stamina and can cover upto 600kms, staying in the air for upto 12 hours. This gives an opportunity to monitor large protected environments or loiter over specific points of interest or combine the two

Smooth and Silent

Thanks to the unique aerodynamic configuration of SolarXOne, the flight is smooth and similar to that of a glider. Using an advanced and bespoke propulsion system with custom energy efficient propellers, the overall machine is very quiet and does not disturb even skittish wildlife.

Large format video

Having the capability to embed large format cameras makes SolarXOne the prefect system to monitor very small details and/or very large areas of interest.
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Fire, Search & Rescue

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